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Rules & Regulations

The 2017 American Dance Festival will host WDSF Open events. These events will span Junior to Senior age categories – Standard, Latin, and 10-Dance. Anyone who is qualified by age may compete in these events.


You DO NOT have to qualify to dance in these WDSF events. However, you MUST have a WDSF card. Please click on this link to get your card: WDSF ID Cards


Competitors are required to understand and follow the rules put forth by the USA DanceSport Council and the WDSF Council.


Example: If either member of any competitive couple is found to be dancing in an age category for which s/he is not eligible, the couple will be disqualified for all out-of-age-category events entered.


The following links are provided so you can have direct access to these documents. It is the competitors’ responsibility to read and abide by these regulations.


Click here for the USA Dance Rulebook

Click here for the WDSF Rulebook


Dances for each level (All age categories)















***Bronze and Silver levels have the option of dancing a Bonus Dance: Jive***