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General Information

Sportsmanlike Behavior

Persons attending this DanceSport event, whether as spectators or as competitors, are bound by USA Dance and/orWDSF rules, depending on the category in which they are competing. Participants of this event are obligated to adhere to these rules and may be asked to leave the ballroom and the competition at the discretion of the organizer if caught not obeying these rules. This includes the rules of good sportsmanship, and any competitor, coach, family member or spectator who is asked to leave the competition because of poor behavior WILL NOT receive a refund for their tickets or entries.


  • No food or drink may be brought onto the dance floor.

  • NO DANCE AIDS such as soap flakes or dance wax may be placed on the dance floor, and no water or soda may be put on the floor/carpet by the on-deck area or any other area of the ballroom.

  • There is no smoking allowed in any portion of this hotel.

  • The organizer, American DanceSport Festival, is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property left in the changing rooms, event facilities, or hotel rooms.

  • Furthermore, the organizers cannot be held liable for injury sustained by persons attending this event.

  • All participants attending this event do so at their own risk.

  • All events will be run in accordance with USA DanceSport and/or WDSF rules.

  • Competitors must be competitive members of USA Dance and/or WDSF and in good standing. Competitors must be prepared to show proof of their current membership upon request.

  • Competitors agree to be bound by USA DanceSport and/or WDSF rules.

Photography/Videography Guidelines

  • Spectator photography and videotaping are allowed at this event.


ALL filming/photographing must be done from one’s seat or from one of the ADSF-designated camera areas in the back of the ballroom.


ONLY video/camera operators with a VISIBLY-DISPLAYED SPECIAL PERMIT issued by American DanceSport Festival, Inc., may position cameras or be positioned on or along the dance floors or aisles, or in any location that could obstruct the audience’s line of sight.


  • Unipods, bipods, and tripods may only be used in the ADSF-designated area for photography; they are not to be used at one’s seat.

  • In order not to obstruct one’s neighbor’s view, only 6″ or smaller lenses will be allowed.

  • There is to be no flash of any sort used during this event.

  • All photos/videos taken must be for personal use, and ADSF does not license anyone to take photos for resale or other means of compensation without a special permit issued by American DanceSport Festival, Inc.

  • Please note: Professional photographers/videographers, and approved members of the Press/News Media and Film Crews must have a special visibly-displayed permit from American DanceSport Festival, Inc. to shoot from the floor and other areas in and outside of the ballroom. These permits will be issued only by American DanceSport Festival, Inc.


The organizer reserves the right to expel any individual from the facility for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior. Furthermore, competitors violating USA Dance rules, or who are guilty of misconduct or unsportsmanlike like behavior, will be disqualified from the competition and subject to disciplinary action. Those coaches, family members or spectators who exhibit unsportsmanlike behavior may be asked to leave the competition and no refund of any fees will be forthcoming.