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Click on the images below for more information about each of the vendors.

Chaplin Hair & Makeup

Chaplin is a Beauty Brand Created by Eugenia Chaplin Our mission is to help you look and feel the most confident on the dance floor. We believe beauty lies inside each person and our appearance is a reflection of our inner world. Let us help you find your unique self and let your inner beauty shine on the dance floor.

Aloria Dance - Premium Dance Shoes

Aloria Dance is on a mission to equip and empower dancers to pursue their passion and express themselves fully through first-class dancewear, extraordinary customer service, and a supportive community in order to disrupt the industry and create an inclusive environment where anyone passionate about dance is welcome and belongs. #AloriaIsBelonging


Doré is now the industry leader in the United States for Ballroom fashion. As a company, they have worked with “So You Think You Can Dance”, a dance reality TV show. As our dancers navigate the world, you can see our dresses on world champions, and professional finalists. One of our favorite places to see our dresses is on those dancers, excitedly and hesitantly, dancing their first steps in a competition.

Dancer SOS

Dancer SOS is a women owned and operated business. Raquel started the business to not only provide an emergency pack for dancers of all the essentials needed at competitions (for both men and women), but to give back to the community. A portion of every purchase goes to charity to help children gain exposure to the arts. Dance is so important for physical and mental health and to be able to provide dance to children is a passion of Dancer SOS.

Milana Dancewear

Milana Dance Wear was created out of passion and the need for custom one-of-a-kind exquisitely designed jewelry for ballroom, wedding, and any other occasions from casual to formal. The quality of our craftsmanship and attention to detail is what sets us apart from others. You may choose one of our existing designs, or we can design your very own piece. We will work with you to create a collaborative design.

Mi Cuerpo Fashion

Mi Cuerpo Fashion, is a Designer, dance and fitness line. We designed our clothing to allow dancers to flow, and dance freely in their element. We design with our motto in mind “YOU Are Enough” fitting all body types & sizes with different designs made to complement the perfect model in mind… YOU.

Atlanta Dancesport Cup

Join Vladimir Karpov & Katrina Volgina for the Atlanta Dancesport Cup January 22nd, 2022! Create beautiful memories and compete with the best! Register at

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